Proposed closure of St Augustine's Library and details of CML

Bradford MDC has decided to withdraw all paid staff from this library from 31st March 2017 and this library will close unless it becomes a Community Managed Library (CML). Please see copy of flyer on separate link.

Bradford MDC offers the following (adapted for St. Augustine's)

  • The CML will remain part of the Bradford Libraries network
  • The contents of the library including computers and free Wi-Fi
  • Furniture, one staff PC, current amount of Public PC's and Printers
  • Negotiation on lease arrangements in non-council owned buildings
  • Contribution to cover utility costs and rates based on 2015/16 outturn - based on current opening hours
  • Consideration of funding for one off repairs considered individually as and when required
  • Insurance on stock and equipment
  • Support with the recruitment of volunteers
  • Full programme of training for volunteers, based on current training programme for contracted staff (Customer Support Assistants - CSAs, and Team Leaders - TLs)
  • DBS checks for volunteers. Assistance in completing and processing
  • Regular circulation of books, regular delivery and collection service. Continuation of current service
  • Regular visits by named staff and phone contact during operational hours
  • Access to council documents and procedures pertinent to CML operations
  • Advice on legal requirements such as compliance with DPA etc
  • Support on funding bids
  • Promotion of events and activities via library website and social media

What Bradford Council expects

  • The community group will need to have Accountable body status in order to enter a contractural agreement with the council
  • In addition - a detailed service level agreement to be drawn up by Bradford council (rent, lease etc) To be agreed and signed by Bradford council and accountable body for the CML. This will be a 3 year agreement with an annual review. There will also be a requirement for the Accountable body to sign documentation relating to data and information security
  • Public Liability Insurance for damage caused by equipment supplied by Bradford Council and against any claims made which are due to the negligence or acts / omissions of any CML volunteer
  • Utility costs and rates above the identified amounts to be funded by CMLs
  • Volunteers will be required tosign a confidentiality agreement with regard to access to the Library Management system and information contained
  • A named contact (Volunteer Coordinator) who will oversee the distribution of hours and tasks of other volunteers
  • Libraries will be open and available to the public during the agreed minimum opening hours
  • That all customers are welcomed in a clean and tidy environment and assisted and library transactions are performed (Library management system etc)
  • Promotion of the library in the local community
  • Events and activities to support the five core national offers - reading, digital access, information, health, and learning
  • Collection of data (activities and visitors etc) for submission to Bradford Council
  • Compliance with relevant procedures and protocols
  • Compliance with legal requirements eg health and safety

Monitoring and review

A joint review of the service to be carried out annually to explore all aspects of the SLA

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