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Unity TOo Group

Youth group for ages 12-17

St Augustines Vicarage, Sunday at 6:30-8:00pm

A home group style meeting. We use a wide variety of resources to help us understand the Bible and relate it to our lives and this is made easier by a generous supply of food and fun! We end the meeting by praying together about things that matter to us.

Every 4-6 weeks there is a games/chilling evening event for people to invite their friends to and this always has a 10 min slot about how being a follower of Jesus can make a real difference in our lives.

Unity T0o has organised 2 evening services, one based on the Bradford Diocese link with the church in Sudan and one based on the 400 years celebration of the King James Bible. We have also been involved in fund raising for Christians in Sudan and for resources for our youth work fund, this has included table top sales and bag packing in supermarkets.

We had a great evening with the church family creatively praying for the situation in Congo.