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One World

Welcome to our One World pages.


We all know that we do not live in One World, we live in a divided world; divided by war, poverty, violence  and injustice.  Watch the news on TV  tonight if you want to see some examples of where things have gone wrong! 

These pages illustrate some of the small ways in which we are trying to make a difference to the lives of people on the other side of the world:

All about Fairtrade - what it is, why it's more expensive and why we have a traidcraft stall.

Traidcraft Stall - What's on offer plus the latest prices

Harriet's Orphanage, India - the project adopted by Ann Challenger and now sponsored by several church members.

In the summer we may look to feature pages with news on the following:  

The Link Diocese in Sudan - news on our 30 year link 

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